Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LED Tube Light Social Media Icons

For our email signatures, we like to have links that direct people to connect with our social media. In searching Google for a LED Facebook icon, it came up pretty short. I found a couple of LED icon downloads that was not what I had in mind and neon sign Facebook and Twitter icons , but those just would not do for an LED lighting manufacturer.

According to The Smith Group's blog post, it is always a good idea to have social media links at the bottom of your email signature to encourage people to connect with your company. Free advertising! So here is our Social Media T8 LED tube icons. If you would like to use these, please ask permission first. Most of the time we will let you use them if you insert our link in your website or blog for SEO purposes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Kind of T8 LED Tube Light Do I Need?

You might be the energy manager for a corporation.
May be the financial guy for a medium sized business.
You might be on a school or hospital board.
Or perhaps you are the owner of a small business.

Whatever your reasons, you have realized that you could be saving on your electric bill by at least 50% if your entity made the switch. Now it is time to decide what exactly will suit your needs. This diagram will help you choose the right color temperature of an LED light bulb. 

2700K- Warm White
(incandescent white, candle light)
Homes, restaurants, hotel lobbies, boutiques<2900K
orange/red light

3000K- Warm White
(halogen white)
Libraries, retail stores, office areas, schools2900K -3500K.
clear/white light with very little red or blue tones

4000K- Neutral WhiteShowrooms, bookstores, office areas4000K-4700K.
clear/white light with very little red or blue tones, but appears more "cooler" than halogen light.

5000K Cool WhiteMuseums, jewelry stores, jewelry showcase windows, hospitals5000K>
blue color